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Instruction Video
  • Stand in a circle facing the middle with hands on hips.
  • Starting with your left foot alternate feet kicking as follows:
  • Slow, slow, fast, fast, slow; Slow, slow, fast, fast, slow; for four measures.
  • On the word “tio” (ten) hold up both hands with fingers spread.
  • On the word “fem” (five) hold up one hand with fingers spread.
  • On “Skynda på” hold hands in the circle and get ready to go
  • On “Ha, ha, ha!” gallop to the left
  • On the repeat of “Ha, ha, ha!” gallop to the right.
  • (Repeat the dance going faster each time you do it.)

  • Karusellen 1:12

  • The Carousel1:12
Learn the Swedish lyrics

Karusellen (The Carousel)

Karusellen Swedish Lyrics

Jungfru, jungfru, jungfru jungfru skãr.
Här är karusellen, som ska gå till kvällen.
Tio för de stora och fem för de små,
Skynda på, skynda på nu ska karusellen gå.

 För ha, ha, ha, nu går det så bra,
För Andersson och Pettersson och Lundström och jag X2

The Carousel English lyrics

How we love to ride the carousel,
Round and round advancing on our ponies prancing.
Ten for the big ones and five for the small,
Hurry up, hurry up the carousel will call.

 for ha, ha, ha, happy are we,
Anderson and Peterson and Lundstrum and me X2